Membership Initiatives
The Board of Directors has approved a number of proposals put forth by the Membership Committee to expand golfing opportunities and provide incentives to prospective senior members. Details on the most significant actions are described below. If you have questions or recommendations on our membership efforts please let us know. This is a partnership effort with all members of the Club and your input is welcome.

Senior Member “Test Drive”
For those Social members who want to sample the benefits of Senior member status at the Club, we have created a “test drive” program. Existing Social members will have a onetime opportunity beginning July 1st to begin paying Senior member dues (and related Associate Member dues/fees if applicable) and have immediate Senior member privileges until year end. At any time during the year the participant can upgrade to Senior status through the special bond offering described above. If the Social member elects not to convert to Senior status, they will not be eligible to participate in any future “test drive” programs – if offered.

Returning Senior Member
Any Senior member, who leaves the club in good standing for more than one year but not more than five years, may reapply for membership subject to the following conditions:
1) Pay the greater of $2,000.00 or the difference between the current initiation fee and the initiation fee paid when the returning member originally joined the Club.
2) Purchase a bond at current pricing.
3) Complete a satisfactory Membership Committee interview, credit and background check.