Application Process:
  • Inquire about membership through the Inquiry Form Link or directly contact the Membership Director.
  • Membership Director will follow up with a packet of information and the list of items valuable for discovery of becoming a member of Valley Brook CC.  
  • Submit Application with a photo of: Individual or Couple.
  • You will then be posted, naming your two Endorsers, for a two week period with notification to membership.
  • Membership Director to schedule your interview with two Membership Committee Members.
  • Board of Directors Vote of Approval with the recommendation of the Membership Committee. 
  • Membership Director will notify upon Board of Directors' approval.
  • You will be invoiced for the payment for your initiation fee. If you are a Senior Applicant the payment for the Bond is due at this time as well.
  • Once payment is complete you will be issued a member user number to begin enjoying the club.
  • Questions may always be directed to our Membership Director 724-746-9000 ext. 255
  • Welcome and Enjoy.
Membership Director
Jane E. Klimchak
724-746-9000 ext. 255
[email protected]